Río Artes

River environment
Artes River, also called Sanchanás River, springs in the parish of Oleiros. It flows through the village of Artes and empties into the lagoon of Carregal. The mills along the banks of this river make this promenade a charming place.

This river environment is especially important. Riparian vegetation, such as alders and willows, form a beautiful green passage that can be clearly distinguished from the rest of the scenery, since the vegetation that grows along the river is different from the other one in colour and height.

On the upper reaches of the river, the physical features restrain the development of vegetation. In this part, shrub willows dominate. On the middle and lower reaches higher trees grow, and the vegetation is distributed in successive rows parallel to the river. The alders and willows are near the river, and further from it there are ashes and elm trees. Just outside this green passage, there are natural fields mostly used for growing crops.